Selecting People In Photoshop

In this course, you will learn one of the most important skills as a designer working with Photoshop: selecting people. This concise and to-the-point course will teach you the most accurate ways to select and extract people from their backgrounds.

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Course overview

Learn How to Separate People From the Background in Photoshop

This course is your ultimate guide for making selections of people in Photoshop.

Learn all the professional tools and techniques you will need. The course starts with the basics, selecting a person with single color background then moves to more complex selections, with hairtransparent details, and difficult backgrounds. This course focuses on selection of people but the same workflows can be used for making selections of objects, animals, or anything else.

Learn to make selections the right way from an Adobe Certified Instructor and put the powerful techniques into use in Graphic Design or Photo Retouch projects. Join now and become an expert in Photoshop selections in 3 hours.

What will i learn?

  • Become an advanced In Selecting People In Photoshop And other Adobe Software
  • Laptop
  • Nothing but The interest
  • Basic Experience In Photoshop
Curriculum for this course
20 Lessons 02:52:52 Hours
Tools for Selecting People
11 Lessons 00:53:41 Hours
  • Why is it important to make selections?
    Preview 00:02:36
  • Lasso Tool
    Preview 00:07:27
  • Quick Selection Tool
  • Magic Wand
    Preview 00:05:52
  • Marquee Selection Tools
  • Color Range
  • Focus Area
  • Masking
  • Pen Tool and Vector Mask
  • Refine Selection
  • Custom Brushes
    Preview 00:05:06
Simple Selections
4 Lessons 01:00:35 Hours
  • When a Person Stands out from the Background
    Preview 00:20:19
  • When the Background is Pure White
  • When the Background is Simple
  • When the Person is in Focus
    Preview 00:08:54
Complex Selections
5 Lessons 00:58:36 Hours
  • Selecting Hair on Portraits
  • Selecting Full Length Photos
    Preview 00:14:58
  • Selections with Busy Backgrounds
  • Selecting Transparent Details
  • Multiple Selections on the Same Image

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